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BCS8224WA Bosch

Type stofzuiger Alleszuiger
Fysieke kenmerken
Breedte 21,1 cm
Diepte 25,2 cm
Gewicht 3,2 kg
Hoogte 127,7 cm
Inhoud stofzak/stofbak 2,4 Liter
Kleur Zwart
Afneembare kruimelzuiger
Aantal batterijen 2
Autonomie batterij (in minuten) 65 min
Oplaadtijd 60 min
Voltage 18 V

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Even krachtig als een stofzuiger met snoer, maar dan met ongelimiteerde werktijd.

  •  Extreem krachtig: geen compromis wat betreft prestaties, want dit snoerloze apparaat is even krachtig als een apparaat met snoer.

  •  Ongelimiteerde runtime: maak een heel huis schoon dankzij verwisselbare batterijen in combinatie met een snellader.

  •  AllFloor HighPower borstel met LED-verlichting: verbeterde reinigingsprestaties met geïntegreerde vloerverlichting.

  •  TurboSpin-motor: sneller, lichter en efficiënter voor indrukwekkende schoonmaakprestaties.

  •  Sneller opladen: minder wachttijd want de batterijen worden 7x sneller opgeladen.

Extremely powerful – just like a corded vacuum cleaner.

The cordless Unlimited Gen2 Serie | 8 vacuum cleaner finally makes it possible to enjoy the same power as a corded device*. Thanks to the new, improved Bosch battery, motor and nozzle the extremely strong multi-use handstick is as powerful as a corded vacuum cleaner*, ensuring thorough cleaning.

Clean an entire house thanks to unlimited runtime

Vacuum for as long as you need. The exchangeable batteries combined with a quick charger mean the vacuum cleaner offers unlimited runtime*. One battery can be charged while the other one is in use, so the device is always available and suitable for any size household.

BCS8224WAMaximum flexibility, perfect cleaning results, LED floor lights.

It’s easy to miss dirt you can’t see. Which is why Bosch designed the AllFloor HighPower Brush with integrated LED floor lights, which make dirt visible. Enjoy bright lights, improved performance, greater silence, 99.9% dust pickup and more handling flexibility – for optimal cleaning results.

Powerful and lightweight motor made in Germany.

There are no compromises in performance with our brushless TurboSpin motor, developed and made by Bosch in Germany. The 3-phase synchronised digital motor is highly efficient, 32% lighter and 50% faster** – with up to 82.000 rpm – for easy handling and impressive cleaning performance at all times.

Save time thanks to up to 7x faster charging

Vacuum an entire home without having to worry about time-consuming charging. Our quickcharger operates up to seven times faster than the docking station***** and lets you charge Bosch 18V batteries extra fast. So you save time and your vacuum cleaner is always ready to use.

Next generation battery for high performance and runtime.

High performance, low weight and a long runtime: Who wouldn't want that in a vacuum cleaner battery? The next generation Power Plus battery from Bosch comes with the latest high-power cells for 33% more energy* along with compact design, increased efficiency and a longer lifetime.BCS8224WA

Bosch Motor Technology – Quality made in Germany.

Enjoy powerful, constant performance with Bosch vacuum cleaners: Developing and producing our high-performance motors in Germany for over 80 years, we not only expect a vacuum cleaner to deliver optimal results but also to be long-lasting. Which is why we provide a 10-year motor guarantee***.

Flexible nozzle. Ergonomic handle. No need to hold button.

Hard-to-reach places under furniture are a challenge. Not with the Unlimited. The nozzle can be rotated 180° to provide the extra flexibility needed to reach difficult, narrow or low spots, easily. And there’s no need to press the PowerButton continuously, enabling one-handed operation at any angle.BCS8224WA

POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. One battery for your entire home.

Most devices have different batteries, which can be expensive. The exchangeable batteries are part of one of the largest cross-brand 18V battery systems. They are compatible with many 18V power tools and gardening devices from Bosch and other brands e.g. Gardena, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid.

Automatic adjustment of the power to all floor types.

No more thinking about the right power for a surface. Intelligent Auto mode differentiates and adjusts airflow according to floor type. It also provides the optimal balance between cleaning power and runtime. You will never need to change between a carpet- and hard floor-setting again.

BCS8224WAPractical control interface with 3 different modes.

Different vacuuming tasks require different modes. “Turbo” boosts performance for difficult tasks by providing as much power as a corded vacuum cleaner *. “Auto” adjusts power and runtime depending on the surface. And “Eco” provides extra-long, optimal runtime for everyday cleaning tasks.

Clean drawers easily without sucking up small objects.

The Keyboard & Drawer cleaner offers a clever way to vacuum difficult spots and avoid sucking up things like coins or paper clips. The nozzle cleans through small, flexible straws that prevent little objects being sucked up. And thanks to the LED spotlight it is perfect for cluttered drawers and your car.

LED handle display provides battery status at a glance.

Unexpectedly run out of power during an emergency clean-up? It’s not going to happen. The easy-to-read battery display on the handle shows you the battery status so you can recharge in time.

Ideal for cleaning the inside of any car.

A car interior is generally a difficult place to clean and often there is no socket near at hand. Which is why this vacuum cleaner includes the perfect accessories you need to reach every spot with ease. Long runtime, flexibility and ease-of-use make it the perfect way to clean your car.BCS8224WA

Easy and fast cleaning of the brush roll.

Every now and then it is necessary to clean the brush roll. But it won't take long. The brush roll can be quickly detached without tools and hair on the roll is very easy to remove. So you can quickly get back to full performance.

Easy emptying of dustbox and no filter washing.

Emptying the dustbox should be hygienic and worry free. You can empty the box without creating a dust cloud and can clean the filter without washing. Simply remove the dustbox, turn the red wheel and empty it directly into the bin.BCS8224WA

Fast and easy filter cleaning.

Filter washing is extra effort. Thanks to RotationClean, you can clean the filter instantly and hygienically. Simply remove the dustbox and turn the red wheel. All the dust and dirt is released with minimum contact. It’s fast and easy filter cleaning without washing.

The exhaust air is cleaner than the ambient air.

Generally there is always fine dust in the air. Thanks to the Cartridge Filter System the exhaust air is filtered three times leading to 99,99% filtration.**** The result: the exhaust air is cleaner than the air you breathe.BCS8224WA

Easy storage and charging in wall-mounted docking station.

Storing and charging a vacuum cleaner should be easy and convenient. Thanks to the Unlimited’s slim, attractive and functional design it’s easily stored and charged in its wall-mounted docking station. There’s also space-saving storage for accessories, so everything’s close at hand when you need it.

Extend runtime easily with exchangeable battery packs.

Want to clean your entire house without running out of power? If you want more flexibility in terms of runtime, an additional battery lets you continue vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner even offers unlimited runtime*, if you combine two 4 Ah Power Plus batteries with a quick charger.


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